Why You Should Know About Your BMI?

The BMI stands for the body mass index and it is actually the combined measurement of the weight with respect to the height and the gender. There is a complete scale called the BMI scale which determines that what wight the women and the men must have with the given height. It is important to understand your BMI so that you are normal weighted and you do not either fall in the category of the under weight and neither over weight.

The healthy BMI range:

The BMI usually have the range for a given height which means that the person must fall in this range and if the person does not then there are health risks involved and the person is not considered healthy. Having excess weight could lead towards many problems which include the heart problems, blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol. Not only excess weight is dangerous but the people who are under weighted are also subjected to various problems which could be the weakening of the bones, lack of the nutrition and anaemia as well.

How can you measure the BMI?

Although the ideal weight for the female and the males are different and the BMI scale is actually calculated by dividing the weight with the height and therefore, the standard units of the BMI is the Kg per square meter. Therefore, in order to calculate the right BMI, make sure that the weight and the height are in kgs and meter square respectively. Click here for more info on BMI  scale,

The BMI scale:

As mentioned earlier for every height there is a range of the BMI and you must understand that which is what. There is a normal range which is considered the healthy range. The BMI below this range is called the underweight and the BMI above this range is called the Overweight. However, the people who have the BMI even more than the BMI range of the overweight are considered obese

On what factors BMI is dependent?

Although the BMI is not the measurement of the fat and neither calculated differently for female and the males and not even children and the adults but since the body of the female and male are different with growth perspective and therefore, the values vary a little. Similarly, the teens and the children grow quickly and their body change are different from the adults. Therefore, keeping in mind these factors the CDC has introduced the BMI scale chart which is developed separately for the children, teen, female and the males. Although in medical, the BMI is just another information and it alone cannot be used to identify or diagnose any kind of the disease but require many other information.