What Happens In A Tooth Implant Procedure?

Tooth implants are procedures that involve replacement of damaged tooth or ones that might get broken and missing. This is usually done with the help of artificial tooth that works and looks like a normal tooth. Such procedures often involve surgical procedures for placing the implants inside the jawbone. This is necessary as roots of missing tooth need to be replaced as well.

How implants work?
When implants are put in through a surgical procedure the jawbone is fused with the implant. This is done with the metallic part of the implant which makes it secure. The process is done without causing any damage to the bones in the jaws. There is a metal cylinder that is placed. There is a metal post fastened on top which is known as an abutment. An artificial tooth or crown is then placed on top. With these steps the teeth whitening South Yarra procedure is completed. Though it is a more complicate procedure than teeth whitening, usually the procedures are done under partial anesthesia, which makes it pain free for the patient.

When implants are required?
There are certain instances when dental implants become necessary. For instance, when there are two or more missing teeth and one does not want to wear dentures, the dentist might recommend placing dental implants through a surgical procedure. The artificial tooth that is placed, works and looks like normal teeth. The surgery is recommended for those who have a well developed jawbone and the bone structure is healthy enough to support implants. Also, the patient who is undergoing an implant procedure will be someone who does not have other oral issues or any problems with bone healing. One can approach a reputed clinic like dental clinic Prahran for such a procedure.

Procedures involved
When one is opting for a dental implant procedure, they need to be prepared for the procedure and healing to take place over several months. Usually anesthesia is given to the patient undergoing the procedure. Local anesthesia is given to numb the area that is being operated upon. The dental surgeon then opens up the gum and exposes the bone. A drill is used to create holes and place the implant cylinder in the jawbone in different places. The cylinder that is inserted into the jawbone functions as the root of the tooth that is being replaced. Temporary denture is placed in the mouth and the fusion of the jawbone with the dental implant usually requires two to six months to be completed. The gum is then reopened to insert an abutment after which the gum tissue is closed again and allowed to heal.