The Role Of A Tipster

The world of horse racing has much to do with gambling, and less to do with the sport itself to be honest. Most of the revenues derived from horse racing are actually from the bets placed on horses at gambling stations, bookmarkers and other state-regulated facilities for gambling. Since most of the odds of these gambles (especially in the case of bookmarkers) are decided by the people who are not in fact, knowledgeable about the sport itself, a different set of individuals have entered the field of gambling in recent times: tipsters.

Tipsters are basically inside informants – individuals who are very knowledgeable about the nature of horse racing, and usually those with access to details not available to the general public. The tipsters use this restricted information and statistical analyses to make predictions (which are known as tips) about the outcomes of a horse race. When these predictions show odds much different to those placed by the bookmarkers, the tipsters suggest gamblers to place their bets in favour of the tipster’s prediction, so that they may earn higher pay-offs.  

Tips are usually of two types – naps and nb’s. A nap (i.e. this is based on the card game Napoleon) is what the tipster believes to be a racing certainty – that is, a prediction which will most definitely be one hundred percent correct. Accordingly, it is the tipster’s most confident bet for a particular race. An nb (i.e. ‘next best’) is, as the name suggests, the tipster’s second most confident pick for the race. Gamblers usually place their bets basing themselves on these two tips.

Since tipsters provide in horse race Australian know more here, Monday or any other day of the week in which races are held, most of them charge for their services. These premium tipping services can be found either online or by telephone, and fees are extracted accordingly.

Given the fact that they charge for their tips, premium tipping services usually maintain records and statistics of their past tipping activities (i.e. if an individual looks for tips for a Sunday race, he is able to check the horse racing tips for Saturday, Friday and the other previous days, which will enable him to get an idea of how reliable the tips are). There are also tipping services which operate for free. In this case, most of these are online and operate as forum communities where gamblers can exchange their information with each other.

It is however important to note that amidst these reliable tipping services are also scam operations – that is, fraudulent tipping services. These tipsters will often rely on the gambling addiction of individuals or promise them large payoffs with small bets to trick them into paying for their tipping services. Therefore, care must be taken when consulting tipsters – the best way is to rely on tipsters who work for newspapers or are featured by official betting websites and journals.