How To Decide On A Theme For Your Wedding?

In the past, wedding didn’t have themes. The sole purpose of a wedding was to tell the world that those two people are in love, so that they can be recognized as unit in front of the law. Even though weddings were treated as happy occasions, most people stuck to the traditions. The decorations were beautiful, but there wasn’t one theme. But we have come a lot far from these days. Nowadays, almost all the weddings have a theme. Arabian Nights, Fairytales, Harry Potter themed weddings are just a few themes. A theme actually makes things easier. It might seem like your freedom to do what you want is restricted but this way you can explore a whole another side and make your wedding look even more perfect with matching decorations.

Brainstorm and Research

It’s easy to think of a theme. All you have to do is sit down and write down what you want at your wedding. Then, you build a theme around that. You can refer to Google for inspiration. Write down what kind of food you want at your wedding, what kind of location you want it to be, whether you want the wedding to be in night or day, what kind of dress or suit you want to be wearing and what kind of decorations you want at your wedding. All the answers to those questions might not match and you might fell discouraged that if you stick to a theme you won’t be able to have what you want. But you can alter what you want to your dream theme. Google will help you with it. Say, you want to your theme to be something sea related but you want a wedding by a lake not the beach. What you can do is search for businesses that provide waterfront wedding venues Melbourne and choose a place. You can decorate the place with nautical themed decorations. All you have to do is think outside of the box.

Make a Plan

Once you have decided on a theme, all you have to do is plan the wedding around it. You can get help from professionals to help you with that. When you book a location from a business that provides unique wedding venues, you have to mention your theme and they will give you great advice and support to do it right? You can hire a wedding planner or ask your friends to help you with the planning. You can ask a friend of a family member that had a similar themed wedding for tips or you can refer to the internet.

Save Money

Considering your budget is as important as deciding on a theme. Your theme might sound expensive, but you can make your decorations and save a little money. Having a theme does not mean every single thing in your wedding should match that theme. All a theme does is make the wedding more memorable, but there is no need to waste money for things you don’t need like ice sculptures, just because it matches your theme.