Few Treasured Values

Our parents have taught and helped us with so many things in life. But the most important thing they did so us to make us lead a happy and successful life is that they patiently and methodically inculcated values in us. We must be very thankful to them because in such a cruel world it is our moral and values that will stay by our side assisting us with all types of challenges we face on a day to day basis. There are so many branches and under value and one of it is morality. One could measure someone’s value by means of morality of the person.

Values are divided into two main categories and they are extrinsic and intrinsic values. Extrinsic values are ones which act as a means or instrument to achieve something and the value itself does not stand on its own. A very good example of an extrinsic value is money and this is because we value money for what it does. Like for example, we can use money to buy modern kids storage furniture or a children’s lamp. But on the other hand intrinsic values are values which are valued because of what it can do rather they are valued for what they are. Love towards parents is an intrinsic value as it does not depend upon the wealth our parents have rather it stands on its own.

But there are some cases where one can’t actually draw a line between intrinsic and extrinsic values rather it depends on the situation or the person’s motive. Friendship as we all know is an intrinsic value but in some cases it could be extrinsic because some people value their friendship because of the friend’s money, talent or for some sort of help one requires. Nevertheless our parents have taught us so many other values. For example they have taught us to help others in times of need, to respect all beings on earth including animals, to be patient when being tested with an obstacle and to be forgiving. All of these values will surely come handy somewhere down the line. There is another classification of values and they are subjective, objective, absolute and relative value. Subjective values are values which are based on individual opinion, for example, war between two countries. War and killing as a whole is not a very good value thus it is due to individuals different opinions that they have come to such a state. Objective values are values which are based on the consensus of the majority of people, for example, war is terrible.