An Introduction To Bow Ties

Neckties have become old, and bow ties are now in fashion. Men are trying new accessories and make a lasting statement in the crowd. Bow ties are an updated version of neckties. Men who prefer and wear bow ties are seen as very confident, and not afraid to try a new styling statement. They are the kind of men who are generally a big hit among women. Just like the neck ties mens bow ties are also available in various shapes, colours and designs for you to choose from. One can pick up types and colours according to the occasion or the attire he carries. Also, your fashion statement has to do more with how you carry yourself after wearing it. Many people are still not aware of the major types and shapes of mens bow ties. In this article, we will help you understand a little bit more about bow ties and its types. Some of the major types of bow ties are mentioned below for your benefit:-

•    The Self-Tie – The self tie is the most basic and classic type of mens jackets, know more here. As the name suggests, the tie comes untied and you have to tie it yourself according to your taste. A self tied bow tie carries a particular type of charm and class which a pre tied tie can never carry off. In this case you get to tie your tie all by yourself, so you have a chance to play with the shape of the bow tie as you like. •    The pre tied – A pre tied bow tie is one which is already tied down for your benefit and it comes with an adjustable strap for you to wear. Even though a pre tied bow can never match the charm and class of the self tied bow, but it is very comfortable and easy to wear. Pre tied bows are the perfect picks for adolescents or men who are just starting to wear bows. •    clip on bow – These are the least preferred type of bow ties. As the name suggests these bow ties have a metal clip attached to the back. You can easily, clip the bow directly to your collar or shirt. These types of bow ties are not at all recommended for adults as it looks too immature and juvenile for them. Clip on bows are best for kids or infants to wear. If you have never tried bow ties yet, then you must give it a try. Bow ties are coming in to fashion and it gives a man very smart and confident look. To know more about mens clothing online, visit this webpage.